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10 days relaxing on the Greek Island Rhodes
Rhodes is still very good to travel in October. At 24 to 25 degrees is recreation is already programmed and also the sea invites with 22 degrees for bathing.

Bild: Flagge Kolumbiens
Travelers I've met have often raved about Colombia. So I always wanted to get to know this country and since it was no longer so dangerous to travel the beautiful country and also had the opportunity to explore together with the girlfriend of my deceased son, was not a trip in the way.

Bild: Karte von meiner Reise durch Nord Indien
It turned out differently than planned...

Bild: Karte der3. Reise nach Florida
Again this year, we went for the third time in a row over Christmas and New Year to Florida.

Hiking on the thriving island of Madeira
2 weeks we explored the island with 13 hikes.

Bild: Reiseroute Argentinien und Chile 2015

I visit my son for 2 weeks in Byron Bay- a surfer's paradise! Keep scrolling and you'll get an idea of my personal and visual impressions of this place.

Bild: Unser Appartement im Monsignor Della Casa
Here I write my daily reports on our holiday in Tuscany.

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