Sri Lanka - 2 weeks in the north as a backpacker

Here I write daily about my experiences.

Travel Route

Sri Lanka

Report 1 - Tuesday, 26.08.2014

The flight from Hamburg to Dubai had many vacant seats and thus it was possible for me to use two seats to have it  comfortable and to sleep for 2 hours. According fit I arrived the Airport Bandaranayake of Colombo. It all went pretty smoothly. My luggage was already there when I arrived at the luggage carousel, and that was good, because the band had issued suddenly. The reason I don´t know. That such things in this country happens and that you must always expect them, I got clear when I was told at the accommodation, there would be no electricity for 2 hours. The 2 hours were then longer, but at least the power came in time before the onset of darkness.

But in turn: At the airport, I got from the ATM still 30,000 LKR (Sri Lanka rupees, 170 SKR = 1 €). The machine would also have spitted out 50,000 LKR, but since I do not pay any fees with the DKB visa card, I preferred to make do with the smaller sum - that's safer. Banks and ATMs are there enough, so it is no problem to come back soon to money.

I got a taxi very fast. Obviously it was soon clear to the driver that I knew the price after Negombo Beach and so the 1000 LKRs were quickly accepted instead of the required 2.500 LKR.

The locals go with their dresses, skirts and pants into the water and cool off, just like the Indians.    

Bild: Badeverbotsflagge




The red flag gives banned because the swell is too strong.

The black bird is watching the sea.

Bild:Fischerboot - Katamaran, Segelschiff - Negombo Beach
Fisher boat in Negombo Beach

The accommodation "Blumarine"  hang a sign "FULL", therefore I went to the neighboring "Marshal Guest House", where I obtained a room for 2000 LKR. The advantage here is that you have several accommodations near by. An other accommodation at the seaside is "Amaya Beach House".

Later I went into Blumarine, because I wanted to welcome the nice owner and she recognized me immediately, also remembered very well my foot injury in November. So we were like old friends. The sign "FULL" was from the day before which they forget to remove. Today I could relate a room. Pity.

But now I have her email address:, Tel .: 0777102323rd

So I will write two days before I go back to Negombo Beach shortly before 10th of  September, and book a room.

From her I received the tip, where you can buy for about 10 Euros in Negombo Polo Shirts by Ralph Lauren: a) Nolimite b) Rare c) Cotton Club. All the shops are in the main street of Negombo, not far away from each other.

Next, I then also brought the ring to the jeweler from whom I can customize it in November 2013. It still need some corrections are made and the stone must be re-attached. The jeweler recognized me immediately and he remembered also that it was made under time pressure then. So this time I must pay even a small amount for the post-work. Now time he has time enough, I'll pick the ring just before my departure on 10 Sept. at him.

The owner of the guest house was previously Marshal times guide, which is why he speaks so well German. He advised me to go through in one to Jaffna. He wants me to say which bus I have to take tomorrow as well.

Bild: Vögel auf einer Leine




There is still one place free.

Bild: Chicken Curry




And at Edward´s restaurant Chicken Curry


Report 2 - Wednesday, 27.08.2014

I had a deep sleep and at 9.30 clock I had breakfast. Now I am top fit again.

The owner of the Marshal has suggested to me a business investment. A house in the country, located on the watercourse. But I have shown no interest, although it interested me. But it is better to merely give rise to false expectations and hopes.

This is Hinury. She wanted to give me         And that is the teacher giving  

English that present for free.                              lessons at the beach.


beach seller

The left beach seller is M.B.M. Nizham, who sold me in Nov. 13, four polo shirts    

Fishing boats on the beach of Negombo Beach  

Most fishing boats are available in Negombo, where there is also a large fish market and -hall. In Negombo Beach there are only 12 fishing boats. In Negombo Beach some fishermen take tourists for about 20 Euros on the sea and earn some extra money so.

I love these fishing boats that always fascinate me by their appearance and the mast - which you can see in the last photo - I find unique.

There is a bus which goes directly to Jaffna. He starts in Colombo and is the intersection Periyamulla at Negombo Beach. To a day one gets there before the ticket, receives the arrival of the bus and is then picked up the next day at this intersection.

Report 3 - Thursday, 28.08.2014

The owner of the Marshal Guest House has driven me this morning to the bus stop at the station. Along the way, he has once again given me his card and told me that I could call him anytime if I had problems on my trip, he would immediately take care of me. When he dropped me off his car I bought 2 bananas the bus to Puttalam came. We had many stops and constant loud honking at the crossroads to Kalpitiya where he let me out. There even the bus was waiting which brought me with low speed to my destination. 

A tuk tuk driver drove me to the beach. However, it turned out to be particularly difficult because the accommodations were all very very expensive. After we had traversed several, I finally negotiated 2 nights from incl. half board for 6500 LKR.

It was great that I had been given the huge packet of peanuts from our neighbors Jörg farewell. So I had to nibble always something on the day.

Me is inexplicable why they take such high prices, even though so few tourists here. For better prices and more tourists would come, I'm sure. A Surf Station Hotel for windsurfing and kiting is located on the lagoon and are also well frequented. But the prices for kiting are the prices like in Germany. A day costs 135 euros. Too bad, I would have liked once made a taster. So tomorrow I will borrow windsurfing equipment (1 hour € 19 -. 3 hrs 50 €.).

Report 4 - Friday, 29.08.2014

Today I let me put over by boat at 9 o´clock the surf and kite station to the beach. After one hour the boat driver picked me up and drove me back to the  station. The kite instructor had given a couple with a 5 year old girl an introduction to kiting. That was not so easy to get, because usually it´s only possible to book a one day course.

The two can also windsurfing and wanted to see if kiting something would be easy for them only once.

Well, I then borrowed by 16 clock for an hour windsurfing equipment. I would have used a smaller sail well, but it was great to have stood again on the board.

The dinner has correspondingly good.

Tomorrow I'm going after breakfast continue to Jaffna in the far north.

Report 5 - Saturday, 30.08.2014

It was not easy to find a good and affordable accommodation in Jaffna. Finally I found quite near the bus station, the Hotel Clock Tower, where I was given a room with a bathroom for 2000 LKR.

Then from there I could also look at the clock tower and the building of the public library before nightfall.

Report 6 - Sunday, 31.08.2014

Today it went from the bus station by bus to one of the many islands that lie ahead Jaffna and almost all are associated with long dike roads. The place Karainagar on the island Karaitivu was my goal.

When I got off at the junction for Casurina Beach I was relieved. The bus driver must have been hard of hearing. The music blared so loudly that it was too much even for my weakened hearing.

I soon overtook the Hindu who wants to prove his devotion by self-mortification.    

The Hindu hang on two needles in the shoulder area and in each case a needle on the leg calves under the tree trunk, the leaves rhythmically on and swing from the man on it. It raises and lowers the Hindu arms like a flying bird.

3.2 km was the way to the hot asphalt. Just in time before I came to the beach, I even bought a large bottle of water. The seller proudly announced that he had worked 10 years in Stuttgart at Mercedes.

The sand and water were once beautiful. Accommodation there is still no.

So I ran as a lonely wanderer the beach to the lighthouse. On the way I took a few photos of the fishing boats and cabins that were all but abandoned, because the fishermen do not obviously work on Sundays.

Why many houses are abandoned by the lighthouse in the town Karainagar and expire, I can not get out.

I was happy after my long hike that at the entrance to a van that went to Jaffna took me. He seemed to have a lot of time, because time and again we stood, although no other passengers walk-ins and sometimes he drove at walking pace. Wonderful to be because the time has in abundance.

Bild: Holländisches Fort in Jaffna


The Dutch Fort at the edge of the Jaffna lagoon was originally a Portuguese fortress. The Dutch, they built a fort in 1680.

Hindu Temple Nallur Kovil Kandaswami

Towards evening I let myself go to the Hindu temple Kandaswami Kovil even from Tuk Tuk by unfortunately can not photograph.

Report 7 - Monday, 01.09.2014

Luckily I got up this morning a little earlier, because when I got up at 6:50 clock on the bus to Trincomalee, this was already full. But Schaffner spach to a passenger who had a right to not so long drive like me, he should make a place for me free. The latter then it had to be at least almost 1.5 hours for me, was almost uncomfortable to me.

Bild: Strand von Nilaveli
Bild: Sonnenuntergang am Nilaveli Beach

The trip to Trinvomalee lasted almost exactly 6 hours. From there, I then took a bus to Nilaveli. Here, however, I had to stand. But this time it was the absolute hardness, since then pressed another class in the already full swing, pushed, was forced. Since then, however, I was very facilitated, as I could the last 2 km are on the open door, the haunt of Schaffner, who always loudly shouting out the destination from there.

A tuk tuk driver took me to the Nilaveli Guest House (1000 LKR).

Here it is basic but clean and has at least one pretty fast Wi-Fi. In addition, the owner is very very friendly and nice.

Report 8 - Tuesday, 02.09.2014

Today, a boat trip to the nearby Pigeon Island, which is National Park stand.

A Spanish couple told me the trip, so we had to pay around 19 € each only 3200 LKR,,. Still too much as the owner of Nilaveli Guest Home said.

But it was worth it. You could see beautiful coral and colorful fish of all sizes, and even some half a meter long coral sharks.

Report 9 - Wednesday, 03.09.2014

A long walk on the beach was today's program. Otherwise, chilling, reading, Internet.

Report 10 - Thursday, 04.09.2014

My last day in Nilaveli

Report 11 - Friday, 05.09.2014

Bild: Im Bus vorn

Today I went from Nilaveli to Passekudah. The owner of the property had drove me on his motorbike to the bus stop. So I got there at least not totally drenched in sweat. In Trincomalee, I had to change the bus. So at least I could still pull some money out of the ATM.

The fishermen I meet on the beach prepared his bait for the next fishing, We talked some time. He wants to sell me large shells that can hear the sound of the sea, when held to the ear. By 2 clock at night he wants to get out and in the morning until 8 clock fishing. That is the best time. He gained only 500 rupees last night. Not enough for two men. So I hit him fingers crossed that this night will be successful.

Bild: Sonnenuntergang in Passekudah





A huge sunset, the colors of the clouds are amazing red.

Video: Sunset in the bay of Passekudah

Report 12 - Saturday, 06.09.2014

The food is not good in my Accomoddation Sun Ray. So bad I have not yet eaten in Sri Lanka well.

I'm me and see me at some of the many resorts that are available at the Bay of Passekudah. Here are the prices from $ 150 are up.    

Bild: Anilana Resort in Passekudah
Anilana Resort - a touch of paradise!

Report 13 - Sunday, 07.09.2014

After yesterday I was so very disappointed with the food at the Sun Ray, I have not had breakfast there today. My anger has been understood. I was particularly friendly adopted with a handshake.

Video: Fischer holt sein Boot an den Strand

The accommodation search in Batticaloa proved as easy as not. The tuk tuk driver did not drive me to my desired Rest House, special easy to Riviera Resort. Property (here the bed was miserable. Lumpy mattress) did not like me and so I let myself go to the Rest House. Trying previously failed to telephone them, as was constantly occupied. But there began the room rates at over 3000 rupees and the whole is not made from the outside and a special impression. So I let myself go to Bridgeview, where I finally moved into a room.

Bild: Fischerboote am Strand von Passekudah
Fishing boats at the beach of Passekudah
Bild: Rice Raisin Cookies
These are my favorite cockies

Approximately 200 m of the beach. I see fishermen in their work. You have caught many small fish in the size of sardines. Now they distribute the fry, on a huge long fine network, which is spread out on the sand to dry in the sun.

Immediately upon my arrival at the bus station in Batticaloa, I had asked me for a bus the next day to Colombo. At 9.30 clock would an A / C bus. The ticket should I buy but equal as possible, so I secure myself a good seat. Well, that did then also equal.

As I paid for my night and my food in Brigde View Hotel the next morning to buy a tuk tuk, so I'm at the bus station then time to make the trip to Colombo. The man from the front desk is very surprised and tells me that there is only one bus clock by 12 to Colombo, but whether there still exist tickets, would be uncertain. I show him my ticket bought the day before and he points me out that there is a night bus - ie departure at 9.30 pm clock.

But wow, because I was made a huge mistake.

But as I had already announced me in Blumarine already for the night and I yes on 09 Sept 23 clock at the airport to be had, I had no choice but to still go with the 12-clock bus. Thanks to the nice man from the reception I received the last seat on the bus. Rear, right at the door.

Surely the worst seat on the bus, otherwise yes most 2 persons can stand side by side in the hallway. But here everything squeezed from the outside in, and those were not two but often 4 people. Terrible.

The only consolation was that I was able to sit, because others had to actually stand in the bus 4 hours.

That there were many road repairs of Dambulla, there were many waiting until we could each pass through the site.

After 8.5 hours we finally arrived in Colombo.

Then to my surprise I was able to continue in an A / C bus to Negombo. What a luxury!

So I came by 22 clock in at my accommodation Blumarine, where I settled in my room I have known no. 6.

Bild: Fischerboot

Report 14 - Monday, 08.09.2014

After a good breakfast I made me run over by a tuk tuk driver to Negombo to execute my long shopping list.

This is me then quite well.

So I get no problems at entry into Australia I have listed all purchases on a list.

Report 15 - Tuesday, 09.09.2014

Two weeks Australia are behind me. Welcome I will again greeted by very many in Negombo Beach. Meanwhile, it seems as if coming home is. Then at night I arrived I had to pay 1,500 rupees for the taxi from the airport to Negombo Beach. The only problem was that he could not give out on two 1000 rupee bills. The solution finally when we found 2 Australian Dollar coins.

My purchases in Sri Lanka

              Rum                                    Tea against cold                    Ayurveda Balm

Travel Table with signs and actions



Action / Sight



Flight Hamburg via Dubai 



Flight Dubai to Sri Lanka (Colombo) 

Drive to Negombo Beach.

Walk on the beach

Exploration about shopping (polo shirts)

Ring to a juweler



Walking at the beach and relaxing



Drive to Kalpitiya. Beach walk



Day at the beach and windsurfing



Drive to Jaffna



- Drive to the island Kraitivu and in the village 

  Karainagar to get to the Casurina Beach.

-  Walk at the beach to the lighthouse and from there

   back to the village Karainagar.

- Visit to the Hindu Tempel Nallur Kandaswami Kovil. 



Drive to Nilaveli. Relaxing at the beach.



- Boat trip to the Pigeon Island National Park.

- Snorkelling.



A long beach walk



- beach

- chillen 



Drive to Passekudah






Drive to Batticaloa



Drive from Batticaloa to Negombo Beach



- Negombo Beach

- Shopping in Negombo

- Evening drive to the airport.



Flight from Colombo to Brisbane

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