Tuscany - 11 days round trip by rental car

Here I write my daily reports on our holiday in Tuscany.

We went from Hamburg (14 pm) via Frankfurt to Florence (18.30 pm). At the airport there is a shuttle bus that runs free to car rental companies.



Bild: Unser Appartement im Monsignor Della Casa


At 21 pm we came to the reception, got our information and were led to our beautiful room. 

Heavy thunderstorms still accompany us to sleep. We are happy that we have arrived in the dry.


Our first day of holiday

In absolute silence we waked up rested. 

The sky is overcast but luckily it stopped raining. And then the sky is clearing up and we can discover in which beautiful, secluded countryside, we are.

Photos of our accommodation

Because today is Sunday and therfore we are pleased to hear that the supermarkets are also open as normal in the near located city, Borgo San Lorenzo. 

So we do our first big purchase. The prices are comparable to ours in Germany.

Photos arround our accommodation

Nachdem wir die Umgebung erkundet haben, genießen wir am Nachmittag den Pool, den wir ganz für uns allein haben. 

Second day of holiday

Today, recreation and relaxation was announced. One was Amelie still not back 100% strength, the weather was also not sooo great and on the other relaxing was announced. 

Late afternoon we went to Borgo San Lorenzo. Still too early for dinner, but since it was Monday, the restaurants and pizzerias were closed anyway. So we ate a pizza on the hand that we had brought out to us at the bakery and each half a chicken from the supermarket Conad. 

Previously, we enjoyed the atmosphere on a small square in Cappucciono and Diet Coke.

Borgo San Lorenzo

Third day of holiday

Bild: Wochenmarkt in Borgo San Lorenzo
Wochenmarkt in Borgo San Lorenzo

The market in Borgo San Lorenzo you is not necessarily have to been seen. 

Afterwards we drink a Cappoccino on the Piazza and watch people crossing the small square. There is no rush, everything is relaxed, everyone seems to know everyone and a chat facilitates social relations. We spend the afternoon at the pool.

Bild: Designer Outlet di Barberino
Mc Arthur Glen - Designer Outlet



... and then we drive to the Designer Outlet di Barberino, just 15 km from the resort. 

It reminds us very of American Outlets.

Forth day of holiday - Florence

Bild: Bahnhof Borgo San Lorenzo
Bahnhof Borgo San Lorenzo




A strong thunderstorm in the morning, let our planned departure by train to Florence delayed. The ticket for the good half hour drive, 8 euros round trip.

Piazza del Duomo

and the Basilica di S. Maria del Fiore

 Between Pizza della Repubblica and

Loggia d. Mercato Nuevo

Loggia d. Mercato Nuevo

Piazza d. Signoria

Palazzo Vecchio with skulptures from Michelangelo

Piazza della Repubblica

Bridge Ponte Vecchio

At Palazzo Pitti

At the river Arno

Beautiful old doors

Near Mercato Centrale

Bild: Mercato Centrale
Am Mercato Centrale

Fifth day of holiday - San Gimignano and Siena

San Gimignano

Gorgeous old doors

Beautiful small shops

Fantastically Tuscany

Bild: Landschaft Toskana
Typical Tuscany

Old city wall of Siena

Bild: Alte Stadtmauer von Siena
Old city wall of Siena


Nice shops

Old doors

Farewell to Siena

Bild: Blick über Siena
Goodbye Siena

Sixth day of holiday

Clouds, rain, wind, and yet we have made a long walk around our Country Resort. The photos speak for themselves. Deer and pheasants are startled by us and put to flight

Our seventh day of holiday - Lucca und Pisa



Our eighth day of holiday

Today the weather was quite good. Therefore we enjoy the pool and make a trip around the area of our accommodation. 

The nighth day of holiday

In the afternoon we drice to Borgo San Lorenzo. We stroll around there in the old town and drink cappuccino in Piazza Orologio.

The tenth day of holiday

The weather is bad in Borgo San Lorenzo and therefore we drive by train the second day to Florence.


Pictures of Florence your can see on my side:


                     Sightseeing Florence