Which is the best seat on the plane?

This question have been asked many passengers.

Therefore, there is also a large number of reports and articles on the Internet that make it clear that it always goes down to the individual wishes and needs.

In brief we can say that the seating is the unpopularity Estonians in toilet nearby.

Seats behind the emergency exits are indeed narrower ( screen and tray of food be stored in the armrests ) but provide more legroom.

Seats from the wings are caused by the turbines loudest and in an accident in greatest danger .

However, it is a matter of taste whether one window or aisle seat preferred. Both have advantages and disadvantages.


In the article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one can inform very comprehensive :


Also on Trip Troll:


As the machines of the individual airlines have different style , take a look at the page www.seatguru.com .

But who already looks at the style of the machine. We usually go but after the service of the airline and after the flight price.

From sky scanner.de
From sky scanner.de