Day trip to St. Peter-Ording

St. Peter Ording is 150 km North-West of Hamburg.


When we arrived by car to visit the 12 km stretch of beach and the 2 km bridge we had the choice of parking directly at the main entrance to the beach or parking a bit further away. Parking directly in front of the beach would have cost 6 € on top of a tourist tax of 2 € per person. We decided to park the car a bit further away behind the dike where we paid only 3 € for parking and no tourist tax to enter the







As you reach the dunes you receive information about the Wattenmeer National Park, the dunes and a lot more.              

Wattenmeer National Park
Wattenmeer National Park
Anu and Lennart walking on the beach
Anu and Lennart walking on the beach



The weather was changeable from sun, wind to rain, but that’s not a problem if you’re wearing the right clothing. The only thing we forgot to take with us were gumboots and if you have a kite, take that along too- the wind would have been perfect for it.      


First Picture: shows the wind blowing the sand over the flat beach.

The Windsurf-Prohibition Sign is a bit of a brain teaser. What about kite surfing- is it allowed? What is the reason for such a sign? How does a windsurfer get to the area where they can surf? I’m assuming all kite/windsurfers arrived in their cars or are staying in their campervans, and if that’s the case it’s a long way to get to the beach with equipment on hand. Very unreasonable.


  There are plenty of beach chairs to                    At the top of these stairs you'll  

  relax on.                                                              find the restrooms.



For over 25 years the Café and Restaurant Silbermöwe has been a meeting place at St. Peter-Ording Beach. You'll find fantastic views from the 7m high terrace.                

We had never been to the "Strandbar 54°" before and decide to have a hot chocolate there. The large, wind protected balcony is impressive with its with sun chairs and a view straight out the sea with kite surfers passing by within meters.

The cozy inside with the warming fire place quickly warms us up again. We walk back and make it inside the car just at the moment the rain starts pooring down. One of the quick rain showers that come and go within minutes, so typical for the nothern coastline. 


If you're a lighthouse enthusiast, don't forget to visit the Westernhever Lighthouse. A drive from the beach (approximately 10 min) and a short walk around the fields to get there was well worth it. No wonder the brewery, Jever, uses this lighthouse for its advertising and promotional campaigns- it was rather extraordinarily beautiful.


That was our last stop before heading back to Hamburg knowing that we will come back again someday. A day trip to St. Peter-Ording is always great!